16 August 2014

Tattooed Confused

Being unimpressed with your tatts isn’t the pits 
but there’s a bit of selective cynicism back of it - 
tattoos are blasé man, a yawn and boring at its 
best iteration; so what is it behind macho geste 
needing you to be marked so for life man - with 
no way out of it barring laser treatment - or is it 
exactly that - a grotesque feint of fate you wear 
as gesture of irascible distain for the ordinaire 

So what do you say to being so ordinary that to 
blend with one tenth of humanity so beset in its 
‘tattoo-land’ you joined a clique whose ‘choices’ 
were to be different, yet at best so brazenly the 
same it amazes no-one comments about it; but 
there you go in your au fait quest for originality 

© 16 August 2014, I. D. Carswell