27 August 2014

What You Came To See

If you’d take time to ‘read’ through the 
Tax Office taxonomy you can find how 
many intriguing ways to file tax returns 
are available - in lip-sync tables of glib 
bureau-speak you’ll quickly see why it 
is the province of accountants - I’d say 
‘bless’m’ but that’s the least they need 
to guarantee what’s their safe return 

When you’d played the game properly, 
obeying rules an on-line beast okays - 
you’re allowed the freedom to guess if 
what you’re about to reveal is in same 
or similar parlance to what they like to 
feast upon gravidly - more-or-less, 

But don’t get cheeky; responses to the 
categories of in-vogue sequenced ‘yes
no’ indices leads one to believe there’s  
bound to be rhyme or reason back of it, 
meaning you’ve lost your way; but wait, 
it says you don’t have to pay anything 

Seriously, that’s what you came to see 

© 24 July 2014, I. D. Carswell