15 September 2014

A Podge Perspective

Podge put it in perspective today - there 
are no dramas mate, or damned decency 
about it either - like most of the day away 
less any explaining beyond a doggy pout; 
I think he calls it a canine chuckle! What’s 
th’ GO cobber I ask, if it’s about your not 
knuckling down to discipline, you’ll need 
a cracker excuse to t’ buy a reprieve - 

Or’ll y’ go ratty on me for expecting you 
stay home. He replies with erudite smirk 
implying - So, y' got a problem? Y’ knew 
where I was, y’all didn’t come fetch me 
’til they texted - c’mon, I’m not naive, 
I was there - watching the fingers fly 

© 21 August 2014, I. D. Carswell