15 September 2014


Saying you’re NOT impressed by esoteric design 
concepts bests the idea of what entertains so I’m 
not a good ‘epithets’ candidate; my feedback’s no 
fantasia of enthusiastic oohs and ahas playing th’ 
lost-to-reality game - psychosis is still disease I’d 
rather not recognise as symptoms of an amazing 
recherch√©-expressed design talent in a kitchen to 
die for if you’re not into cooking’s corporeality 

You can agree it looks sensational; the art-work’s 
avant-garde aestheticism, a stand-alone piece of 
collectors’ memorabilia displayed so assertively it 
will never be mistaken ‘a kitchen to be worked in’
did I dare say that, oh silly me - it must’ve been a 
languorous slip of the ogre’s tongue 

© 7 August 2014, I. D. Carswell