14 September 2014

Better Ideas

It isn’t playing games, although recreational rules apply 
naming who’s on whose side; what we’re into here is a 
wiser supply of energy than brute force of saw - or axe 
to golden cane palms fractiously growing clumps into a 
view they’re supposed to compliment, not obscure; she
initially applauds ‘pruning’ efforts 

but suggests it equates more to a ‘hand-wave’ in effect 
than a serious gesture - three tries later we’re done 

Yep you can see the in-need-of-a-spray lime trees now 
while the poinciana stands stark and clear, when it’s in 
flower it will be a breathtaking scene; succulents & the 
dragon plants beneath now have an aspirant’s chance 
to impress anyone who cares to see beyond what was 
an open mesh fence around an out-of-use dog’s pen 

You try to decide what’ve we actually achieved, or is it 
clear there’s more’n met eyes afore the golden cane’s 
demise - what subterfuge, what subtlety is afoot here - 
and do we need to have its measure clear? Ah, not so 
in a way which suggests sophisticated manipulation is 
surveying the best means of expressing better ideas 

© 13 August 2014, I. D. Carswell