16 September 2014


A ‘first’ agreement will need more parts than 
esoteric ideas, but given we are beyond that 
obligatory cannonade there’ll need be a slew 
of adjustment, we’ll have to accept change in 
what we used to value; with the bed unmade 
I’ll sleep less-rousing accolades - & probably 
alone as you already sleep in your TV chair, 
relaxed into preferred laptop snooze mode 

But it won’t remain this way, routines take on 
colours of their surrounds, blending into grey 
extensions deemed ‘wholes’ we are obliged 
to surmise; - for clarity we’ll examine all until 
they disappear - revealing new personalities 
to cosset - to treasure as our special reality 

It won’t happen in a day; - clouds obscuring 
transparency are seen permanent-featured, 
for-granted refusals paying nothing other to 
new, free-agent, witness-bared, old-agenda 
repaved-adages that rarely appeal; - thus it 
shouldn’t surprise you none was never true 

It isn’t forked-stick chance - or slick-tongued 
opportunistic badinage - its you and me at a 
crux of something that’s bigger than either of 
us combined; but if we do not become ‘one’ 
we’ll be at its mercy - easily divided - fools 
to multitudes of frivolous platitudes 

Thus ‘who’ matters isn’t me or you - it is ‘us’ 

© 15 August 2014, I. D. Carswell