17 September 2014


Not my ass-pi-rations but close enough to suggest 
vodka complements toothpaste & best as a mouth 
wash; there you’ve been caring enough to make it 
an excuse for that hinted taint of evidence & when 
you’re caught out your bonafides remain intact; its 
vodka isn’t it; nah mouthwash you reply, hinting of 
largesse normally unobtainable unless the minted 
overtones come from a tube of toothbrush gel 

So what’s with the decadence then; mellowing, or 
a rage against the dying of the light - more a flight 
of fantasy & one, I contend, long overdue; do you 
remember when the waking ache could only be in 
part dispelled with gargled concoction nonsenses 
erasing undiluted vodkas of the previous evening 

© 21 August 2014, I. D. Carswell