18 September 2014

Ebola Grief

So imagine it this way, Ebola isn’t the enemy, leastways 
not in the sense of rabidly seeking vectors to spread its 
pestilence; bats do the deed, gorillas and chimpanzees 
initially the usual victims, a viral infection then transmits 
from carcasses, spreading deadly trails to all members 
of the clade or clan with its key being familial contact in 
the effects of intimacy - this is the saddest bit to grieve,  
catalyst for hideous and agonising hemorrhagic death 

But the disease does not mutate and spread on a whim 
randomly; there are clear and definable needs for virus’ 
spread which can and should be contained, but an idea 
that it isn’t as natural as it seems almost estranges their 
reasoning there is more to be explained - like a vaccine 
to combat what an incipient biological weapon might be 

© 27 August 2014, I. D. Carswell