13 September 2014

Way To Go Jaco

Gee Jaco, that wasn’t your best display - not 
that you’ve memorably had that many of ‘em 
anyway; bit of lost cause I’d guess this trying 
to impose your ideas in th’ rain on a pitch as 
slippery as an eel with teams trying to play a 
really vigorous brand of Rugby you have yet 
to get into - then coordinate your whistle and 
brain into a unison we can understand 

There were moments when the teams gave 
up trying to comprehend what it was you’re 
supposedly attempting; they couldn’t get to 
grips with weird ideas purportedly behind a 
ruling because advantages didn’t accrue, & 
no expected player points arose from it too 

So if you’d tried to create a drawn scenario 
you succeeded, thus making a game blasé 
beyond any acceptable meaning because it 
failed to excuse referee dithering so evident; 
believe me, th’ IRB’ll be aware your goose 
is cooked and you’re no golden-egg layer 
© 18 August 2014, I. D. Carswell

Referee Jaco Peyper didn’t earn any Brownie points 
from his puzzling display, which seemed devoid of any 
explicable game control, in yesterday’s 12 - 12 drawn 
match between the Wallabies and All Blacks …