19 September 2014

Opportunity Of Mischance

We actually play games with words when we refer 
the ‘conflict’ other’s see to an apathy of indigence; 
that its too self-centred to have any meaning from 
another’s point of view doesn’t disarm accusation, 
in claiming the rounds were incoming we’re telling 
what targets see of an avenue-narrow opportunity 
of mischance, they were aimed at ME; which may 
be true if you’re holding the RPG-29 - or an uzi 

But when a ‘target of opportunity’ isn’t claiming to 
be anything but an element of bizarre strategy I’d 
expect there’d be confusion as to why, & the plan 
may be anything but logical; the words play tricks 
with shell-shocked ears in ways you’ll try to deny 
rather than explain yourself ‘failing’ emphatically 

© 1 Sep 2014, I. D. Carswell