23 September 2014

Honeyed Words

It isn’t a criticism although it will seem so - like 
an unasked for vision where observation flows 
uneasily, but then the setting of priorities can’t 
be honey-like always; maybe in eventual taste 
you’ll sweeten to a view where what you think 
is the only true flavour allows new sensations, 
so without ceremony things get done with this 
difference in priority yet accomplish the same 

Even if it wasn’t done your way - did you think 
it disrespect in a new perspective, or even the 
identified enemy; it wasn’t keeping status quo 
safe if that meant don’t think it through, which 
has a quaint echo of your urgency - in spur of 
the moment we’d see a lifetime’s loquacity 

© 25 August 2014, I. D. Carswell