22 September 2014

Stormy Weather

The only one here who’s unamused with any 
forecasters rhetoric is the dog; he’s confused 
by thunder, and lightening isn’t his first choice 
for entertainment - but to escape it ain’t really 
a choice as there’s nowhere soundproofed to 
a degree that would mean hiding out with his 
equanimity intact - so he’s lurking beside the 
rubbish bin next to the kitchen door ‘asleep’ 

When I indicated all the birds were still at it - 
entertaining each other in the trees he chose 
to ignore me; a pointed gesture of how dumb 
are you implied in his swift departure inside - 
and absence from his place beside my chair 
says it all - there’s no decency in you mate 

So I’m sitting here listening to the shush of a 
gentle rain while thunder rumbles out where 
the birds complain they need more moisture 
than this if they’re to get a decent bath; well - 
its my guess what they’d say if a dearth of it 
recently's worth such an erudite observation

© 27 August 2014, I. D. Carswell