24 September 2014


If the rain had intended suppress energy 
you didn’t possess it’d have won the day 
without argument - so an idea you might 
have had some say in it wasn’t credible - 
although you couldn’t express it anyway 
I mean what’s in an ‘empty’ failure threat 
when you intended doing nothing - ‘cept 
crack a beer ’n watch th’ Footy 

Look - you start to say, I’m not lacking in 
energy, but any weird notions on how to 
achieve things in the rain means getting 
wet - so we’ll can it as a dumb outcome; 
a warm seat, with outside views instead 
of raindrops dripping down your face, is, 

Believe me - an amazing revelation - 

© 23 August 2014, I. D. Carswell