21 September 2014

Low-Pressure Event

Spent most of the day awaiting the windy weather 
predicted to ‘shriek’ us out of our misery - 90 knot 
gales they said - & naming just about everywhere 
near as being in th’ line of expiration - was gonna 
say fire, but wouldn’t consider it prudent use in th’ 
circumstances; and well, as yet it hasn’t raised its 
breath over a balmy zephyr’s happening, a ‘twixt 
‘n ‘tween situation that’ll perplex nobody badly 

But we’d have to wag a finger at terminology the 
meteorology set use, describing excessive better 
rather than in error; now whether the relief offers 
enough space t’ forgive ‘em for raving about that 
low-pressure offshore excretion moots the grace 
to recall tout suite they occasionally get it right 

© 28 August 2014, I. D. Carswell