20 September 2014

Symptomatic Echoes

Whether you see it an affect of a local aberration 
or symptomatic echo resonating from hidden yet 
much larger conflagration, it’s fire and brimstone 
out there - fuelled actively by mouths of mullah’s 
whose motives are ‘pure’ as Qur’an’s citations - 
reading texts of obsolete events no less subject 
to interpretation; can silent majorities stand and 
correct jihadist views of what is true or right ?

There’s no easy answer where moderates ply a 
tortuous course between faith and unity - to fear 
judgement and its consequence in the hands of 
arms-bearing mujahideen risibly intent on ‘jihad’ 
seeking religious and moral perfection, says no 
choices remain beyond their abject silence 

Most atrocities committed on any day in this so-
called civilised World bear those marks we have 
come to perceive as endeavours ‘jihadis’ deem 
auspicious demonstrations of faith; in the event 
every death omnisciently demonstrates there’s 
no more room for more jaundiced applause 

© 29 August 2014, I. D. Carswell