02 September 2014

Surviving TV

Don’t like saying it this way but the advertising 
style I’ve seen on our local TV is too off-beam 
to be taken seriously; either that or I missed a 
cue at the bank. The piece leading this pustch 
involved plans for funeral funding where even 
weekly commitments bettered all lavish ideas 
of exotic weddings - that was next in a series, 
with dog-bathing rounding up the wrap 

And if it wasn’t enough there’s the eHarmony 
sequences on how to find your best match, if 
you’re enthusiastically into on-line dating with 
money-back guarantees; well okay - it leaves 
one puzzled a bit but isn’t the reason for 5am 
TV - because that had something to do with

the Glasgow Commonwealth Games … 

© 30 July 2014, I. D. Carswell