03 September 2014

Too Costly To View

Perhaps it was inconsequentia, in little things; 
although you’d say its trivia probably, or likely 
dismiss politely what you can't even see - tho’ 
I noticed on outset & the ad breaks got to me 
by Day Two through their bad taste. So - I am 
supposed to be an idiot and cop it sweet; but 
I can’t imbue humour easily into the dumbest 
and most demeaning ads I’ve ever viewed 

‘Connects’ are so far off-beam you conclude 
they’re aimed impersonally, and thus not too 
serious, no way are we part of the mob they 
refer to; and also - we’re sure no such idiots 
exist, because if they did it’d be ‘crazy’ proof 
of the ads’ inexplicable hokum inanity, but - 

We’re watching Regional Channel TV for our 
Commonwealth Games ‘free to air’ coverage 
and their unsophisticated & home-grown ads 
address us as ‘rustic rubes’; well boohoo, as 
soon as the Games are over - you’re off my 
sports TV venue list as - too costly to view

© 3 August 2014, I. D. Carswell