14 October 2014

Finals, Again

Its that time of year again, games down 
to th’ final few before we’ll see who’ll be 
th’ champs or languish as the also-rans; 
whichever way you’re set no doubt’ll get 
your blood a-roar - altho’ there is a slew 
who couldn’t give a ‘ballyhoo' who wore 
th’ crown or drew the shorter straw; and 
in that breath for vanity we all withdraw 

It ain’t my team by ‘faith’ you’ll jeer with  
reason-soaked profanities we voiced in 
jest because we can; and when th’ final 
whistle blends frenzied seasons quests 
in innuendos left t’ dry you’ll be a wiser 
goose again - & heed th’ karma why
© 7 September 2014, I. D. Carswell