13 October 2014

Grinding Again

To suggest I actually ‘fixed’ the electric salt grinder 
behests a belief I may have had some idea I knew 
how to; that’s so far from the truth, the facts are all 
I could be sure of was it didn’t do what it ought, so 
we dissembled it to see why. Only six tiny screws - 
but a finicky process of optical screwdriver use, no 
regular Phillips would do; but there was nothing to 
obviously state with clarity ‘here’s th’ cause mate’ 

So we reassemble it patiently, learning the spring-
loaded pieces will only go together the one way; a 
lot of curses ensue, plus impromptu ‘modification’ 
of the small optical driver - then we’re altogether - 
although not in the sense of unity - press go - and 
gee whiz, it whirred - began salt grinding again! 

© 13 October 2014, I. D. Carswell