29 October 2014


It has to be said, there is no possibility of an 
Ellis Park, Johannesburg, rugby match ever 
being influenced by bias less; idiocy isn’t in 
question except within referee’s ineptness - 
and a Pommie isn’t the blessing best for an 
on-field Jaapies arch hegemony, less likely 
for an All Black opponent’s quest, either for 
common rules to be played within propriety 

Or those orchestrated impressions of who’s 
‘infidel' normality is the one that matters; for 
th’ record, a missed conversion’s difference 
gave the Jaapies a win - deserved I guess,  
or am I imagining a game I didn’t see; what 
I like was how relieved th’ Jaapies seem’d 

© 5 October 2014, I. D. Carswell