30 October 2014

Today’s Lesson

Today’s lesson is the accent on doing only those 
things you believe accord the greatest ovation, a 
persuasion ignoring how tawdry it can be - to put 
it more sanely - ignoring the wages of sin means 
someone still has to pay; so we play those fancy 
games with roller-applied rich terracotta paint to
concrete expanse that passes as our patio, and 
hey, lookee here, now ain’t that just great! 

And it is - where practising finally achieved skill 
enough to get it right, so there is a wee bit we’ll 
have another crack at, but not tonight, cleaning 
floor tile grouting with bleach put paid to energy 
that remained, anyway, the final strokes belong 
to she whose brilliant idea it was 

It’ll give her comfort - so while window exteriors 
are still to clean and a carpet or two to vacuum - 
we’ve finally achieved what we hope will be the 
presentation best to sell the bloody place, I say 
it’s far too clean to live in comfortably - but then 
it isn’t my case to second guess 

© 8 October 2014, I. D. Carswell