31 October 2014

Passed Too Rapidly

Getting emotionally stirred enough to burst 
into print today isn’t going to happen easily; 
for the reason explained best as a torpor of 
indigence, we’ve reached an impasse with 
little left to motivate the late great ambition 
of a poet in dire straits - changes, whether 
real or estranged have gained upper hand 
and rule with omnipresence disdainfully 

The used-to-be won’t survive this leap into 
space we will be seeing first-hand - endure 
it we will with planned panache but here it’s 
an irony of nothing really new anyway, a ho 
hum recitation of been there, done that - so 
we’ll move on gracefully with no regrets 

At least that’s what’s expected; longer one 
stays in stasis the less one feels obliged to 
be energised by another idea floated in the 
sea of separation; & its still flaking the past 
away you've an emotional want to confess 
but the moment is passed too rapidly 

© 29 October 2014, I. D. Carswell