01 November 2014

A Question Arises

Having survived the conversation, or rather interrogation, 
a question arises; what’s an appropriate response to this 
non-event - too much artifice crafted into a glib reply can 
only graft further acrimony we don’t need, just getting to 
this point we’ve already spent a fortune’s benevolence - 

So we stay silent, a form of assent they say, although as 
equally meaningless as nodding wisely to gibberish of a 
self-professed professor of that voguish and best advice 
on who’ll profit the most don’t-cha-know - without being 
too crudely blasé or ever so insultingly obvious

What has it meant to you anyway; a good question from 
mutations of a murky past’s misgivings now flowering in 
lament - signs that claim you’re almost free of nonsense 
given there is evidence it’s almost at an end - or you’ve 
reached an edge with nothing extending beyond 

Doesn't mean a fall to float free of ambivalent gravity - 
any day now the old world will end and a new one cry 
into innocence with just you in it; now that’ll be blessed 
better conversations than the last, given its whole cast 
will need learn new lines just to be in this play 

© 27 October 2014, I. D. Carswell