02 November 2014


What a weekend, with a plethora of Rugby 
including a Test there were no excuses left 
to not overindulge, so we did, shamelessly 

Meant viewing from 11am with nine games 
to go in an array of the best at this level, all 
semi-finals except for the Wallabies Test 

And they were intriguing; close encounters 
in some, but mostly one team showed why 
they’d earned their place - and gracefully 

Hard to believe of Rugby - yet it was there 
to see correctly as statements of what one 
expects these days - true professionalism 

Expressed on a field where the game has 
right of way & ego-trippers play secondary 
stakes to the team’s greater endeavours 

That ‘the men in black’ again escaped the 
ignominy of losing meant the All Blacks & 
Wallabies game was a worthy price paid 

And the single point separation demeans 
nobody as both gave their best in contest 
which could have gone either way … 

© 19 October 2014, I. D. Carswell