23 November 2014

Engaging Solo View

Why in-limbo living these last few weeks 
means stress lurks uneasy, moreso in a 
cave’s confinement, though if sensing it 
relieves - brave utterance admitting this,
we still only see all the ‘fait accompli’ as 
alignments lacking ‘civilised’ subtlety. In 
the event nothing has changed, yet the 
scant psychology claimed is feyly awry 

So we grant it a base premise why we 
can’t change make of this true reaction 
to dissociate feelings we’re measuring; 
no-longer a give-n-take-community-fĂȘte, 
part of the break-out came from altered 
pleasure’s intent sensed on awakening 

There’s other reality too, old ideas used 
as commodities now fly apart an instant 
after in combo-inured thinking, the best 
part’s then contained in remains usually 
referred to as the reasons why its worth 
a testing effort to try and understand 

But we’re not in the square; we seek an 
out to anywhere rules aren’t made of a 
plastic substance painted in dream-like 
surrogacy - there’s assured room for it, 
if the delusion dizzies you enough; the 
bluff is insured an engaging solo view …  

© 10 November 2014, I. D. Carswell