22 November 2014

The Ad Game

It’s ads are getting further away 
from anything resembling reality; 
that isn’t to say they’re not cool - 
they’re classic attention-nabbing 
shards of inanity, compelling for 
that fault-free instant of connect, 
then there’s the lair of doubt, an 
usury of innuendo to negotiate 

And you’re there - edged at the 
threshold - enlightenment’s not 
far away, and nor’s the next ad 
rearing on this set’s back; its in 
instant play in a three seconds 
elapsed deregulated normality 

Which is all you get between a 
flicker of brilliant understanding 
and bewilderment - setting you 
up for a replay between this ad 
and the next quarter - which is 
right after our inter-ad break 

© 4 November 2014, I. D. Carswell