28 November 2014

Jacaranda Dreams

If it wasn’t for the lilac hue I’d grovel deep in 
 shades of grey; jacaranda’s opulence bends 
every carpet fractal sense it lays, extending 
open welcoming a-purple blue, alluring eyes 
away from view-effaced mundanity of brown 
erasing green heat a-shimmer windlessly in 
torpid scenes a-sere - here an eye delights 
in passive introspect and gathers strength 

The greeting grand & feeling lasts all day, an 
eloquence of passion stored so perfectly - or 
am I merely pandering to ardency in colours 
true - revealing hidden tendencies with hues 
too subtly phrased to brush away as dreams 
it seems the trees are well aware I’m here 

© 21 November 2014, I. D. Carswell