29 November 2014

Where Did It Go

To be a part of what’s going on you need 
to pawn your independence - not in worst 
and puppet sense where dupe describes 
who stands in which shadows and where 
least attention gathers; no, it is merely an 
affectation we overplayed, and there isn’t 
a chance in hell we’ve pawned a thing of 
value to a motley’s indifference anyway 

So we stand in line as dutiful citizens two 
by two and are harangued by the likes of 
harlequins in court jesters’ uniforms who 
portentously claim themselves being the 
resolution of our prayers; if you’d cared 
enough to pray - you’d’ve lost anyway

They have your sovereignty for pittance 
paid in platitudes as bare as baldness of 
an ego’s age; it is their dyed-in-the-wool 
arrogance, an innuendo of meaningless 
rhetoric which is, as they put it, ‘political 
speak beyond a pall of commonsense' 

So we’re all geese whose covenant flew 
loose and fancy-free out the window on 
back of an idea into an atmosphere of 
absolute incredulity; yet th’ beat goes 
on like its still here alive and breathing - 
so, who’s idea was it & where did it go 

© 18 November 2014, I. D. Carswell