06 November 2014


You can take a dim view of it - with no 
interest expressed in anything you’ve 
done your best to present in balanced 
and neutral perspective, there’s these 
nagging presentiments you’ve failed
but to begin with expectations weren’t 
too clear; like - experiential you’d say, 
a test of your character’s nobility 

Placing your beliefs in the purview of 
public you’ve never met is an ordeal - 
one where you skilfully play helpless 
roles with ├ęclat yet too far away from 
the gist of any rational appreciation - 
or within their ability to comprehend 

You recreate eco-ideal transcendent 
dream-places no-one in scheming to 
take over your world could live in, or 
you for that matter; neither veil, habit 
nor burqa can equate to peace in our 
time when even their decency fails 

© 26 October 2014, I. D. Carswell