21 November 2014


While one can’t take it for granted there’s that 
wee glimmer of hope set as a wry chance we 
see things the same way - at least its the fruit 
of a common belief spared those ‘hard times’ 
agendas of glory boys and thieves; the wimp- 
set sees us stranded in this faith with nature - 
we’re consequential victims they say, natural 
retrogression, degeneration on the hoof

But I know we’re fireproofed to such claims - 
their vision is Eden retrofitted with their view 
screwed into rafters as true regardless of its 
real cost; our’s allows nature the final words 
whether we fit into schemes larger than our 
imagination but sanctioned by its dreams 

So yes - there’s possibility he’s found what 
he seeks, an avocado orchard with enough 
healthy trees to make a difference, with an 
opportunity to keep his faith intact similarly 
to the way he has always; and for me, it is 
the reward of seeing my ‘baby’ kept safe 

© 8 November 2014, I. D. Carswell