05 November 2014

Red-Ochre Reprieve

Two weeks of home-cleaning in nitpicking drudgery 
and we manage to present an artifice - shimmering 
in pristine allure (- an unprecedented cleanliness if 
you prefer); there’s never been the like of it before, 
an orbiting sense of view-concurrence comments it 
must be true, and proof it can’t be a human edifice, 
to err doesn’t get a live-in, until the denizen of four 
footed canine hairiness redacts and demurs - 

Where he found red-ochre mud in such quantity is 
not as amazing as how fast he ‘graffiti-layered’ an 
effect saying ‘the dog lives here too’ - on carpets - 
freshly scrubbed floor tiles, walls, in raptly gazing 
at the audacity of his pure signature; suggestions 
in effect we’d best get the hang of it, hadn’t we - 

And he has a point there; living in the fashion of a 
redecorator’s imagination is moreso wearing than 
tearing, but gets you nowhere as easy as bearing 
into parallel universe; do you want to be here isn’t 
the question; whomever sees a dream-sphere as 
reality most certainly needs a red-ochre reprieve 

© 14 October 2014, I. D. Carswell