04 November 2014

Round Of Applause

So what would my #1 granddaughter need for 
her sixth birthday - the assurance she is what 
we already believe - gorgeous, talented - that 
liberal translation of unmitigated dreams; and 
it is easy to say praiseworthy things ‘dressed’ 
as compliments from the shelf of urbanity yet 
in her unabashed frankness she is the first to 
rephrase these things inimitably her own way

That refreshing freedom of an energised and 
unrelenting innocence questing to be itself, a
power of one repeatedly saying look at me is 
one huge debt to denials of convenience and 
won’t pay the rent of her conscience; so let’s 
have a round of applause for Freya Jean … 

© 20 October 2014, I. D. Carswell