03 November 2014

Today’s Dullness

Today’s dullness is divulged like a regional news 
bulletin - a bit ho-hum yet the tone suggests that 
more’s to come, probably in the 9 am delivery, a 
wait with some trepidation anticipated; we’ve no 
precedent suggesting welcome rain may be in it 
although the cold grey sky blends seamlessly all 
about and blotting out faux enthusiasm of news 
presenters’ theatrically vocalised presentiments 

Tisn’t the quality of ABC National News delivery 
that offends but the blasé choice of all arbitrary 
terms tendering grades of concern, i.e. - might 
matter a bit through crickey, it’s a worry and yet 
we’re dealing with presupposed effects only an 
unexpected event-pattern is likely to churn 

That isn’t to say its their fault; they play to rules 
embedded in vast network intrigues - innuendo 
and consensual window dressing - while we’re 
left to gaze at skies - bewildered by a belatedly 
obvious chance of something falling earthward 
as the omnipresence of even duller news 

© 21 October 2014, I. D. Carswell