29 December 2014

Blue Grenadier

An idea hoki fillet barbecue-cooked in a 
chef’s stainless steel frypan is far away 
topmost culinary grace isn’t too fey of a 
sobering reality; blue grenadier or hake 
as a species isn’t surviving an erstwhile 
popularity; if it’s to endure, we will need 
cease eating it - or find other easy prey 
with similar extremely savoury flavours 

But the guts of it is in the fish being that 
exemplar of the best available for those 
ubiquitous fast-food ‘fillet o’ fish’ snacks; 
and in that too damn process-easy in an 
industry preyed to death by avarice - la, 
c’est la vie, it’ll cease to exist, tout suite 

© 15 November 2014, I. D. Carswell