30 December 2014

Boredom’s Hours

There is more to life than playing solitaire 
even if its the Full Deck Klondike 3 Card; 
but there is the irony - what is life without 
it? Less for than against nothing I recall - 
(I’m guessing) somehow abetted by 18%
win ratio; yet a sanity still prevails where 
frustration tears hair off of an 'academic' 
equanimity you’d’ve only dreamt about 

Inspiration to write scoots between the 
blank walls of time’s passage - skilfully 
negotiating boredom’s trail, & the mad 
moments of impeccable insight - there 
indicted for its incendiary gluttony, too 
alfresco to tame to an epicure’s desk 

© 3 December 2014, I. D. Carswell