28 December 2014

Leave It To Chance

Living 'with elegance' is like having a 
gods ear; - it’s in a description where 
relevance shows majestic ascendency 
over whatever eyes see - it may seem 
innocent but an instance is, never say - 
‘this here’s a spot’ - regardless what its 
cause is you’ve broken rule #1, which 
is to see only where the elegance is 

So we dry plates to put away; - not an 
exacting task but spots appear where  
practised eyes believe they needn’t be; 
are these off of the sideboard then is a 
wiser play than - you didn’t wash ‘em!; 
saying it allows free breathing space 

But truth’s wiser with placing jeopardy 
in a neutral stance - if we simply clean 
off the offending spots enhancing what 
we see a no-prejudice opportunity with 
good grace - will she grant a need for 
glasses - or do we leave it to chance 

© 9 December 2014, I. D. Carswell