31 December 2014


Change within the moving wind; it is like a portent 
of an era’s irascible end: and then it’s recitation of 
events with yet-to-be-told ‘there’s no denying this’ 
complementarity, like we are in the drift and so be 
in it or be square; remember, you’re already there 

Rationalising your home’s where your head rests 
pillowed easiest in diaphanous dichotomy spares 
the heart’s agony, but you’d moved there already; 
you knew it when winds whispered the wisdom to 
see rooms where there’d never been such space 

It was like waking in wonderland where the rabbit 
left an ‘eat me’ cake, meaning more than allegory 
for the consumption of dreams; or were they true 
reflections of who dwells in a reality where being 
eaten’s the most grateful appreciation’s extreme

Taste this piece of me - is it the relief you sought 
in a slice of ambiguity baked to a recipe’s perfect 
recitation; even you care for rare company - and 
if it aggregates more than a duality of its singular 
expression - then already we’re home free 

© 8 December 2014, I. D. Carswell