14 December 2014

Buckwheat Bonanza

The buckwheat pancakes were swathed in 
orange basil jelly - or was it lemon-thyme - 
hey, it doesn’t matter, they’re undisputedly 
up there with the best of Mama’s products 
of an age where we commonly ate exotica 
until some bloody sod invented vegemite - 
to say she went on strike wasn’t true - but 
after crunchy peanut butter it kinda was 

Yet today there’s rebirth of those practical 
jam-making & chutney-to-die-for skills, so 
I look forward to late spring’s cornucopias 
stored sensibly in recycled vegemite jars, 
served from the fridge on hot, fresh made 
buckwheat pancakes we mix ourselves 

© 26 November 2014, I. D. Carswell