15 December 2014


Reaction to the idea we’ll use our mobile phones 
to control TV suggests I’m not really ready yet; it 
feels more comfortable remote in hand, and that 
came out of a long frustration getting from those 
bad old manual days; hands acting independent 
of thought processes still phase me as I need to 
read instructions verbatim, so having my mobile 
replace TV remotes scares crap outta me - but  

I won’t pass on it just yet; I’ve tried it, n’ yeah it 
works okay - but differently, the learning curve 
suggesting new technology isn’t a breeze - but 
anything placing me in a dinosaur’s rest won’t 
be land decreed as a TV lounge - nor without 
TV remotes freely available at hand 

© 1 December 2014, I. D. Carswell