13 December 2014

Canberra Cautions

Being right doesn’t mean the same as permission 
to strut and preen; any legitimacy to ponce like its 
an achievement’s an obscene caricature of a use-
by-date-expired and over-weight b&w movie star 

if you can savvy that difference, there’s a chance 
you’ll survive the next round of interrogation; now 
who is your favourite member of the Legislature - 
if Joe ‘Ogre’ Hockey, Christopher ‘Weasel’ Pyne 

or his eminence Tony ‘Bugger-lugs’ Abbott you’re 
probably okay to proceed with, & why we explain 
behaviour in elect company; if it’s Julie ‘Vacuous’ 
or Bronwyn ‘Umbrage’ Bishop - we’ll pass on it 

if it’s any of the other mob disgracing parliament - 
and that’s probably too refined a statement taken 
quite literally as the truth, we’ll pass again on the 
grounds there’s enough slapstick humour around 

so don’t sass us again with your finagled bent on 
trashy show-off stuff we don’t give a damn about 
anyway; you’re wrong as you used it to make us 
look like the idiots we are, & don’t forget it, okay 

© 27 November 2014, I. D. Carswell