27 December 2014

Christmas Lights

So maybe I am an eco-adept who’s been 
tardy recognising it - and yet this analogy 
for ‘christmas lights’ split the atom for me 

The plant genus is Cereus - we’ve lots of 
‘em climbing trees - but more particularly 
a pergola where that display now begins 

A night-flowering cactus bloom has scent 
on wings, believe me, yet viewing it in full 
flush is an utterly enervating experience 

Couple that with this flowering happening 
uniquely on Xmas Day and you’ll see my 
sense of christmas lights as symmetry - 

Feel a deeper meaning in the ecology of 
natural events - make a burlesque of the 
crude attempts to synthesise such lights 

And think - we didn’t need ‘buy’ anything 
resembling gaudy decorations ‘dressing’ 
an idea of spiritual sense - or imagine it 

It was there and every element of reality 
we’d ever comprehended accompanied 
it gladly; and that’s just commencement 

Next we’ll see the fruit grow liberally into 
a richness of that essence - whether we
choose to share or feast won’t weight 

A burden on the conscience now freed 

© 27 December 2014, I. D. Carswell