01 January 2015

Moving Between

No, not afraid of a future that secures the past 
in a far safer place - and no, not afraid of what 
seem to be changes; that remaining insecurity 
is in thoughts of who’ll be confused - or rather 
who’ll be unable to view the harmony of same 

it is a scene we’ve been thru’ - there were few 
years it wasn't deemed ordinary when random 
happenings piled up to look so commonplace, 
a very bespoke view and in a sense the same 
scene we’re experiencing, if we’ve a care to 

so we’ll move between icons of whom we are - 
there won’t be changes like non-recognition or 
new identities - underneath these events is an 
untarnished continuity that bemuses only they 
who see permanence as datum-time-stamped 

but that was not to be in ‘tacit’ rearrangement; 
unity measured in dispossessed personalities 
no longer aligned to each-other’s druthers are 
freed to fly away - thus a synchronicity of year 
on year’s intent plays events from its memory 

so we move sideways in time gathering more 
of a less pedantic momentum, sliding into the 
cleft of congruent contemporaneity, settle into 
a quiet new space the exact like of that which 
we probably never needed to leave …

© 29 November 2014, I. D. Carswell