06 December 2014

Crow Calls

The crow calls began too early to be a normal 
event; they’re out to bug me you mutter, know 
I’m wearing hearing aids today, whomever let 
‘em into the secret is a treacherously damned 
excommunicant to be - so who’s the culprit of 
this heinous crime against passivity; but none 
stand proud or laugh derisively, except crows, 
whose sense of proportion is très deviant 

Alright, you bargain, I’ll let it be if you buggers 
caw from trees further away; swearing outside 
my windows is crude and indecent, especially 
when you’ve so little to say that isn’t abusive - 
or have I that wrong too and the problem’s an 
acute lack of a viable passerine vocabulary 

© 24 November 2014, I. D. Carswell