18 December 2014

In Any Cooee

The hoonies’ve been busy this week - they’ve 
renewed their burnout signatures freakishly at 
the same not-too-remote road junctions where 
traffic isn’t heavy, reasonably suggesting they 
are local teenagers whose tire-wear identities 
don’t seem to cause too much concern; that’s 
not alarming if we consider Glasshouse is the 
disparate rural locality we’re discerning here 

There’s enough wear-and-tear in dealing with 
off-the-road ideas proposed in this community 
so a few skiddies is neither here nor there - & 
given there’s no fatalities we’re aware of then 
it may be the only viable recreational outlet in 
any cooee they feel comfortable engaging in 

© 17 December 2014, I. D. Carswell