17 December 2014

More Vibrations

There is more to it isn’t there, the little errors 
were mere anomalies back when the picture 
spanned a whole of relativity - thus what has 
actually changed; we’re aware only of where 
we are and its physicality, perhaps, measure 
on measure it means there’s new presences 
to account for beyond the limits of the self in 
being singularly aware - or is there more me 

If it were truly thus then there’s more screws 
to undo than we’d ever allowed allusion to - 
don’t you see it explains why ‘we’ is still the 
same as I and ‘us’ the same as me, and yet 
nothing actually changed in that recognition 
except its vibrations became familiarity 

© 4 December 2014, I. D. Carswell