19 December 2014

Tinsel Time

Noticed the other day how we country folk 
see this Christmas ‘thingy’ a bit differently; 
out here seasonal decorating tends to be 
less of gaudy displays with an unstressed 
feature-permanence in concrete figurines 
of santa claus, mushrooms and reindeer - 
the flashing lights & tinsel might be there 
tho’ discrete and graciously understated 

Isn’t to say there aren’t those few who we 
think of as tragics failing to preserve rural 
tradition in practical and non-ostentatious 
festooning a farm ute, but there it was, an 
eyesore dressed in glitter, tinsel & flashy 
lights driving on the main road, by gad - 

Head-shaking only made it seem worse - 
so we hooted with laughter instead 

© 17 December 2014, I. D. Carswell