16 December 2014


We see idiosyncrasies are manifestly flammable - 
in two days cleansing fires wiped seemingly solid 
fortifications away, all wasted years now unmade 
into vague recollections, incongruity disappearing 
effortlessly, but you needed know what’s nub of it; 

the ashes blew you free of past where the events 
were indelibly sanctioned; there is now no legacy 
to taunt with presence, tho’ memory is in you and 
has a place, this pleasant vacancy extirpates the 
Sword of Damocles hanging; having had it over

your head no longer plays for a havoc’s unseen 
influence cloistered in the amphitheatre’s wings - 
an audience you had to have for credibility, yet it 
too is cleansed with the resurrected energies as 
rearranged elements of your unmade terrain; 

vacancy where items used to seem out of place 
doesn’t jar sense of what had been - but makes 
pleasant harmony of what will come; when you 
let the charm of seeing into possibilities less an 
artifice of presence - you’ll be there, assuredly 

© 30 November 2014, I. D. Carswell