05 January 2015

Did You Say Halls Creek

Halls Creek I hear you say - and what’s in it for 
me? Well, nothing, unless you’ve invested cash 
in growth of a mega-urbanity planned by goat’s 
beard & crew - but you’d’ve needed to’ve been 
aboard that graft wagon some time back, so no, 
there’s nothing in it for the likes of us small fry - 
we’ll only see ‘planned’ development disasters 
in retrospect - and well after its denial at that 

However it is pleasing anomies usual route was 
distinctly constrained; it’s mostly run the course 
in this instance - corrupting no one except State 
planners - who’re livid, and the few Councillors 
covertly scheming for filthy riches because they 
can - the alternative’s an East Beerwah plan 

And there’s the irony, it is pristine land without 
the urban sprawl of Halls Creek - so why even 
go through the motions - but we’ll be played in 
a fools game for a pot of gold we’ll never see; 
its the facile way of State level bureaucracy & 
and its inane urban planning pettifoggery 
© 26 November 2014, I. D. Carswell