02 January 2015


So I say to me mate, whatcha gonna do, stay 
‘ere ’n scratch while thinkin’; nah - it’d be too 
hard he says, I’ll just scratch, ‘n fart a bit; ok, 
so no change t’ th’ status quo being th’ same 
as always I reply, like, when it arrives wind ‘n 
thinkin’ are alike, as if that’s all that it means  
in ‘actual’ relief; odd you’d call it palliation he 
laughs, but you’ve still gotta breathe 

And he’s right of course, farts as thinkin’ isn’t 
as easy as it appears t’ be unless you’ve had 
acres of practice - and believe me there’s no 
irony in the room needed to survive - but in a 
sense the relief of making the grade teaches 
cogitative forms its expression really needs 

© 4 December 2014, I. D. Carswell