23 June 2015

A Small Revelation

It was a small revelation, a kind of eking-out more 
than a bringing to light, but its effect brightened an 
asthmatically austere tho’ since sobriquet day; it’s 
heat rose like antagonism spawned in audience’s 
distaste of a dastardly rival’s antics; sweat flowing 
free & dripping in an analogy worn instantly thin - 
but the glee came from a moment’s aside when a 
mobile phone ‘hotspot’ actually connected sweet 

Tho’ not ‘technically’ erudite, spirits rose steep in 
a temporary respite - that this is provider’s fodder 
for internet-denied clients doesn’t explain why we 
need make accommodations for their ‘inability’ to 
meet interim needs when moving a plan to a new 
site where the Wholesaler hasn’t activated ADSL 

Two weeks is a long time to be incommunicado - 
its Hell, try it and see - then rationalise excuses 
why it isn’t tech faults but a provider’s efforts to 
buy peace of mind off national edifice Telstra’s 
monopolistic hegemony; hence a mobile phone 
hotspot gets the sly vote every time 

© 18 January 2015, I. D. Carswell